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Syrian Refugee Children Education Rotary Global Grant Project. As a result of the war and the tragic situation in Syria over 3.5M refugees emigrated to Turkey since 2011 and the largest part of them settled within the cities of the province. However; some of the refugee families live in tent- camps in Torbali in the District of the city of Izmir, Western Turkey on the Aegean Coast. These refugee families and some of their older children work at farms and vegetable fields that are far from the center of Torbali or city of Izmir. The refugee families reside in tents which are located close to these work fields since they do not have any source of transportation. In the absence of nearby educational centers, these children, ages 6 to 12 years old, remain without primary education. That changed in March 2019 when the Turkish Government, along with the city of Torbali mayor, began a collaboration which brings 101 101 Syrian refugee children to Hasan Salih Cetinel elementary and middle school.

To address these critical educational needs, we have created the Syrian Refugee Children’s Education and Integration Project. Our project has 3 phases. 1) TEACHING TURKISH: to support the Hasan Salih Cetinel Middle school to provide equipment such as a computer laboratory, a projector, printer, copier, and other educational materials to help them to learn the Turkish language. 2) INTEGRATION WORKSHOPS: a) to provide 25 students (including Turkish students) according to their language level and social adaptability, with various workshops such as plays music, art, film and painting workshops. b) to provide 25 students according to their language level and social adaptability, with sport activities and c) a workshop to train the school teachers on how to encourage positive student behavior and effectively manage a classroom. 3) PROFICIENCY TESTS, the students will be selected to take the proficiency test to be able to start middle or high school.

Impact: 101 + refugee children will have education.

Fun Fact:This is the first Global Grant Project for these refuge children but we previously had food/medication/wheelchair and 1000 pairs of shoes and 1000 pairs of socks projects to serve these refugees in that area. 10 Rotary clubs joined us so far.

Rotary 5th Annual Fundraising Event. On May 7, 2017, the Rotary Club of Monterey Cannery Row had their 5th Annual Fundraiser at the Elks Club with the theme "GI’s, Bugles, and A Look Back at the 40’s". This event was a benefit for the Veteran's Transition Center and Local Rotary Service Projects. Through this event, our Club raised over $15,000 for the Veteran’s Transition Center which provides services for homeless Veterans and their families. By providing Veterans with transitional housing and case management programs, they can once again become employable, productive members of the community..

Rotary International Night 2016. On April 24th, the Rotary club of Monterey Cannery Row had the annual International Night Fundraiser with the theme "Brazil Carnival". Through this event, our Club raised $7500 for Gathering for Women - a refuge for homeless women on the Monterey Peninsula. Every Tuesday they provide a caring community, a hot nutritious meal, needed clothing, comprehensive resource support, limited emergency assistance, education to promote their health and safety, and connections to community service providers.

Soke, Turkey Project. The Rotary club of Monterey Cannery Row contributed $2500.00 and we were able to participate in a global grant together with Salinas Santa Lucia Club and Soke Turkey Rotary Club which generated a total of $37,000 through District and Global Grants to purchase new OB/GYN equipment for the State Hospital in Soke, Turkey.

Seaside Rotacare Clinic. The Rotary club of Monterey Cannery Row and the Monterey Pacific, Pacific Grove, Castroville and Cannery Row Rotary Clubs collaborate together to purchase $10,000 equipment and supplies for Seaside Rotacare Clinic.

Rotary International Night 2015. On April 26, Cannery Row Rotary Club contributed $7,500 to the Blind and Visually Impaired Center for purchase of a retinal camera.

Check Presentation. The Rotary club of Monterey Cannery Row with Sheri Hastey, CPY, and the Seaside Rotary Club worked together to donate $4,000 to Del Rey Woods School, Highland School, Martin Luther King School and Ord Terrace School.

Rotary International Night 2014 On Sunday, May 18, the Rotary club of Monterey Cannery Row held our second annual International Night at the InterContinental The Clement Monterey on Cannery Row. Our guests enjoyed a variety of international foods with fine wine and entertainment, and they all helped make our annual fundraising event a great success. We know our guests will enjoy the wonderful items our friends and sponsors offered for the silent auction, and we thank our sponsors and all attendees who helped make the evening and our fundraising such an enjoyable event!.

Community Partnership for Youth. The Rotary Club of Monterey Cannery Row donated $2,000 to Ord Terrace PTA and Del Rey Woods PTA elementary schools for their literacy program.

Witch' Hat Fundraiser. On October 31st, rotarians from Cannery Row Rotary Club showed their creativity by participating in the Witch's Hat Contest Fundraiser. This activity benefited Teddy Bears with a Heart, a non-profit organization that gifts teddy bears to first responders and agencies that work with children in crisis.

Oktoberfest Fundraiser On September 14th and 15th, rotarians from Cannery Row Rotary Club volunteered their time to support the International Project in the Philippines. The $5,000 earned for volunteer hours in Oktoberfest will be used to bring water and provide healthy, balanced meals for children at schools in the Philippines.

Rotary International Night 2013 On June 2th, Cannery Row Rotary Club had its first international night fundraiser at the Intercontinental Clement in Monterey. This event raised $7,000.00 which was donated to the Alzheimer's Association. Members and non-members enjoyed international food from local restaurants, wine, music and dancing.