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About Rotary Club of Cannery Row

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A Few Words About Us

The theme for 2019-2020 Rotary year is "Rotary: Rotary Connects The World". As Rotarians and being part of a service organization, we look forward to serving our community, supporting local and international projects, and reaching out to people in need..

Danette Roberts
President's Message

It is truly an honor to serve this year as President of the Monterey Cannery Row Rotary Club. I am excited and overwhelmed with the possibilities that we as a group can do to better our community and our world. Each day a lot of us wake up in our own homes, with running water, with clothes in our closets, food in our pantries, tv’s turned on to the day’s news, cars in our garage, in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, in a safe country that protects us from harm.
We are gifted and privileged to have these things but unfortunately many in our world do not. What excites me about Rotary is that we have this organization that actually allows us to help those in need, whether it be water, food or clothing, the basic necessities in life so that they can actually live and prosper just like us.
I firmly believe that by helping others, it makes the world a better place for all. I look forward to helping lead my club and to better help Rotary Connect the World.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Luis Contreras II
President, Monterey Cannery Row Rotary Club

Board Members (2018-2019)

President: Luis Contreras II
Secretary: Sharon Pira
Treasurer: Haruno Ito
Past President: Danette Roberts
Youth Chair: Ilge Gulsev Karancak-Splane
Guest Speaker Chair: Joe Gallagher
Membership Chair: Tammy Wood
Foundation Chair: Yavuz V. Atila
Service Chair: Anne Ross
Assistant Governor: Suha Kilic

Past Club Presidents

2018-2019: Roberts, Danette
2017-2018: Ed Smith
2016-2017: Sharon Pira
2015-2016: Suha Kilic
2014-2015: Joy Anderson
2013-2014: Ilge Karancak-Splane
2012-2013: Bruce Orlebeck
2011-2012: Yavuz Atila

Home Club of District 5230 Governors

2016-2017: DGE Yavuz Atila
2010-2011: PDG Young Koh

Home of Assistant Governors

2016-2017:Sharon Pira
2015-2016:Ilge Karancak-Splane
2014-2015: Bruce Orlebeck
2011-2012: Yavuz Atila

Bylaws of the Rotary Club of Monterey Cannery Row


Yavuz V. Atila Anne Ross Charles D. Messimer Cynthia Ayn Conat Danette Marie Roberts Dwight Wilson Ed Smith Elsa Rivera Guilford Allen Robinson Harry J. Kohn Haruno Ito Fukui Ilge Gulsev Karancak-Splane John Pira Joseph Dewey III Splane Joseph Patrick Gallagher Luis II Contreras Robert August Johnson Sharon Pira Suha Kilic Tammy Lynn Wood Timothy Sean Flanagan Young Koh

Associate Members

Campos, Vilma
Chavez, Christian Orlando