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A Few Words About Us

The theme for 2017-2018 Rotary year is "Rotary: Making a Difference". As Rotarians and being part of a service organization we look forward to serving our community, supporting local and international projects, and reaching out to people in need.

President's Message

I’m excited and honored to serve as this year’s Cannery Row Rotary Club President with this honor starting July1st. And a few days later, on July 4th, we celebrated our Country’s Independence Day. I am struck by the enormous privileges where we have so much in this country and freedom is our country’s defining principle. But, so much of our world is in great need. Rotary across the globe does make change in the world. With every project, whether a local or global effort meaningful results are taking place. Our 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide are impacting lives. From fighting polio, improving access to clean water and food and helping to bring peace where possible, the work of Rotary is making a difference on every continent!

It is such a privilege to work alongside our devoted Board members and our outstanding Club members who are committed to live by the Four Way Test. We celebrate our freedoms, the opportunity to share and be servants for the greater good and above all to look for ways to “Making A Difference”. We are looking for opportunities to add value to our membership and to serve our Community as well as those in need around the Globe.

One of my priorities is for us to continue to see and experience our Club growth and maturity. Our Club is just 5 years old, but has a mighty, energized and involved membership. We have much to do this year to make a difference locally and globally. Our Club will continue to be known for being, “People of Action”.

I also believe in the power of collaboration with other Rotary clubs as we and others provide the ability to do bigger and better things together. Connecting and fostering relationships and solidifying fellowship is important to us. Our Club is prepared to engage in more inter-club activities and we welcome opportunities for joint service projects where we think we can make the right impact. Projects that our Cannery Row Rotary have recently done include; a water well in the Philippines, shoes for Syrian refuges in Turkey, providing medical supplies abroad, a local major medical device for the blind, supporting CSUMB Rotaract, support health care through RotoCare, rehabbing the local YMCA or local beach cleanups. NO challenge is too small, together we are stronger.

The Board and I are working on projects and activities that will continue to engage every member for what is important for each of our varied interests. We are diverse, we are active and we love to have fun and get things done together. I joined this Club several years ago because of the friendly manner, the supportive manner and the creative ideas flowing were evident; and because starting in the morning with good friends and laughing is a great way to start every Thursday morning. Come join us!

Engagement, fostering meaningful activities, great speakers and open communications in our Club meetings is important to us. Every week is NOT the same for sure. Our Club will have a focus on succession planning and leadership development, because we are all dedicated to ensuring our Club’s long-term success. Seizing on opportunities to work side by side with community leaders, other Rotary Clubs and capitalizing on the excellent leaders we are fortunate to already have in our club will ensure we are a purposeful, dedicated and a vibrant group.

Our Club members are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support shown at this year’s annual fundraising event attended by 220 community members and Rotarians. The event just a few short months ago on May 7th, was “Honoring Our Military, GI’s Bugles and a Look Back at the 40’s”. Our goal was to bring awareness to Monterey’s military connections and an opportunity to show our support to veterans and active duty personnel that sacrifice so much to protect our freedom. The event honored our significant military relationships past and present in Monterey County. Our roots are in the military community all around us and we care for their wellbeing. The Veterans Transition Center and GI Josie were highlighted; both organizations are dedicated to training and equipping local veterans in life transitions helping veterans and their families heal and thrive. The event included wonderful period music, a live and silent auction, great food and lots of fun. Our guest speaker, U.S. Army Major DJ Skelton delivered a powerful message of perseverance and the willingness to be a humble warrior and a giving American.

Thank you to all who made this event a raving success! Thank you for all the generous donations reaching $14,000 going directly to our veterans’ programs. Keep on the lookout for next year’s event in the Spring of 2018. Watch for our Club updates and make sure you “Like” our Facebook. Join-in on the fun and service and help us make this a better world.

I am honored to be a member of the Cannery Row Rotary Club and humbled to serve as President this year.

Ed Smith
President, Monterey Cannery Row Rotary Club

Board Members (2017-2018)

President: Smith, Ed
President-Elect: Roberts, Danette
Secretary:Ito, Haruno
Treasurer: Graham, Jackie
Assistance Treasurer: Foster, Travis
Past President: Pira, Sharon
Communications & Social Media: Rivera, Elsa
Guest Speaker Chair: Robinson, Allen
Membership Chair: Pira, Sharon
Foundation Chair: Koh, Young

Past Club Presidents

2016-2017: Sharon Pira
2014-2015: Yavuz Atila
2012-2013: Bruce Orlebeck
2013-2014: Ilge Karancak-Splane
2014-2015: Joy Anderson
2015-2016: Suha Kilic

Home Club of District 5230 Governors

2016-2017: DGE Yavuz Atila
2010-2011: PDG Young Koh

Home Club of Assistant Governors

2015-2016: Ilge Karancak-Splane
2014-2015: Bruce Orlebeck
2011-2012: Yavuz Atila

Bylaws of the Rotary Club of Monterey Cannery Row


Anderson, Joy
Atila, Yavuz V
Conat, Cynthia
Flanagan, Tim
Foster, Travis
Graham, Jacklyn
Ito Fukui, Haruno
Johnson, Robert
Karancak-Splane, Ilge
Kilic, Suha
Koh, Young
Kohn, Harry
Paulhus, Marc
Pira, John
Pira, Sharon
Reed, Monika
Rivera, Elsa
Roberts, Danette
Robinson, Guilford Allen
Rossi, Patricia
Sanders, Debora
Smith, Ed
Snyder, David
Splane III, Joseph
Stedman, Richard
Yaqub, Nick

Associate Members

Campos, Vilma
Chavez, Christian Orlando